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Neotame improve test effectiveness intake of weaning piglets
Author : Jinan Chenghuishuangda Chemical Co., Ltd

Neotame improve test effectiveness intake of weaning piglets

First, test information

Testing agency: Ministry of agriculture, feedstuff and safety supervision and Testing Center

Animal experiment: weaning piglets, 48 head, half male and half female, were randomly divided into 8 rings, each ring of 6 pigs.

Test group: 30mg/kg group of neotame

Control group: 0.0mg/kg

Objective: effects of feed intake.

Determination of indexes and methods: each ring is symmetrically placed two trough, a launch control diets, a delivery added 30mg / kg of neotame test diets, 24h after material and switch the position of the trough. Two from the statistics daily feed consumption per lap, calculate the average daily feed intake, feed rate, feed ratio (IR) (CR)

Note: the ratio of the test diets IR intake and total feed intake;

The ratio of the test diets CR intake and weight control diet.

When IR > 50% or CR > 1 has been shown to improve palatability of piglets.

Two, the test results:

Note: the whole period is from the first period and the second period of intake and calculation.

Three, test conclusion:

Diets adding 30mg / kg of neotame test of weanling piglets in group two period average daily feed intake was significantly higher than that of the control group (P < 0.05), intake rate greater than 50%, feed ratio is greater than 1, indicating that neotame is attractant effect and improve the weaning piglet feed intake and palatability.

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