Product features

Yubaole™ Neotame, chemical name: N-[N- (3,3- Ding Ji -L- -  alpha two methyl); aspartyl]-L- 1- phenylalanine methyl ester;

Is a white crystalline powder, the particle size of the product is mainly distributed in the 80-230;

The sweetness is about 7000 to 13000 times that of sucrose, saccharin sodium is 14~26 times;

Neotame at room temperature (25 DEG C) solubility in water is 12.6 g / L, the solubility can completely meet the needs of normal production;

Sweet pure, no saccharin sodium after bitter and metallic taste, feeding experiments prove the sweet feeling lasted for a long time, can prolong the animal feeding time, increase feed intake。

High purity product purity - more than 99%, far higher than the national standard。

Stable quality -- the world's only from the aldehyde to neotame complete production chain supplier, from the source to control the quality of products, to ensure the stable quality of production。

Good safety, no residual formaldehyde, reduce the residue through a special process, to improve the safety of food products。

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Neotame feedstock aldehyde synthesis technology has won the international and domestic patents, is the world's only from aldehyde synthesis to neotame production completely independent production enterprises. Aldehyde quality determines its quality, only to master the aldehyde technology, in order to protect its quality。


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